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Atomic Backland Tour

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Réglage 6,8 & 11
Type Fixation Dynafit/touring
Compatibilité semelle Tech only
Utilisation Touring

Description rapide

The Atomic Backland Tour is a light Tech Pin binding. The simple design is durable and easy to use. The limited number of moving parts makes the binding very reliable. It is an excellent tech binding for some serious tour adventures.

+ Lightweight and reliable.

+ Easy-to-operate climbing aids.

+ With powerful and easy-to-operate ski brakes.

- Limited release settings.


The binding is supplied with 3 'U-Springs' for setting the release. Women (± Din 6), Men (± Din 8) and Expert (± Din 11).

The ski brakes are blocked by a lever, separate from the heel piece.

Three climbing aids for an easy ascent.

An adjustment range of 30 mm for versatility in ski boot use.

Crampon attachment also works with Dynafit and Plum crampons.

Weight: 392 grams, including a 100 mm ski brake.