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G3 Ion 12

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Ski Binding range 5-12
Type Fixation Dynafit/touring
Compatibilité semelle Tech only
Intended Use Freetouring, Touring

Description rapide

The G3 Ion is a complete and user-friendly tech binding.

+ User Friendly

+ Great performance with a reliable release

- Heavy compared to other tech bindings 


Optimal Energy Absorption
Maximized energy absorption minimizes pre-releases.

Forward Pressure
Maintains consistent and reliable release values during landings and compressions.

Step-In Guidance
Quick, easy step-in.

QuickFlick Heel Lifts
Easy to grab with pole or hand, work in both directions.

Snow Clearing Channel
Prevents snow buildup under the toe-piece, avoids unwanted pre-releases.

Powerful, Dependable Brake
Fully retracting spring-loaded brake.

Heel AFD
Consistent release for all boots, independent of sole type.

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