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Holmenkol OvalBrush Nylon

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  • Construction: Wood brush block with horse hairs
  • Dimensions: 210mmx100mmx32mm
  • Hair depth: 12mm
  • Weight: 300g


This version of the brush is the World Cup standard model with a large ovalised block wood base and double riveted handle for secure grip and more even pressure.

This model also has 33% longer hairs than the compact model at 12mm, to extend brush life and give a deeper polish for waxes and race dressings. This hair length matches the horsehair brush version too for a perfect partnership!

The hairs used by Holmenkol have a perfect balance between longevity and performance, compared to cheaper alternatives, with the outer hairs slightly more durable to reduce brush 'flare' compression over time.

Pair this Holmenkol Oval Brush Nylon Base Structure Brush with a brush such as the Holmenkol Horsehair Base Brush or a brass based brush, and you can add multiple profiles of structures to your base wax, to improve glide performance by further reducing stiction.