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Jones Nomad 18/19

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Description rapide

The Nomad skin fibers are 70% Mohair and 30% Synthetic Nylon. The natural mohair fibers deliver exceptional glide in any snow condition because they remain soft and flexible at any temperature. The nylon fibers provide extra traction when the skin track gets steep or icy and improved durability over 100% Mohair skins.


  • Mix

The grip and glide with a Hybrid mix is a combination of Mohair and Nylon. The consistency is ussually 65% Mohair and 35% Nylon. The combination means a perfect balance between durability, glide and grip.

  • Glued

The regular way of sticking a skin to a base is by a layer of glue. Glue provides excellent stickyness to the base as long as the skin is well maintained (stored and cleaned properly). Eventually glued skins will loose their grip and need to be equipped with a new layer.

  • Asymetrical clip

Asymetrical tail clips generaly fit better onto splitboards. The asymetrical shape creates a better hold and fit around the strong shaped splitboard sides.

  • Trimmer

This skin comes with a special trim tool to cut your skins.

  • Fitting

It’s one of the seemingly endless questions we ask to challenge the status quo of climbing skin design. Skins that cover the entire base of your skis are overkill and heavy. Most of your skin’s grip comes from just under the binding while fabric on the tip and tail creates unnecessary drag. Exposed ski base and alternative materials can significantly improve glide and efficiency without affecting that all- important grip.

  • Pre-cut

This skin is pre-cut and ready to use straight out of the box. It's fitted both in lengthe as in width.

ModelJones Nomad Quick Tension Tail Clip
SizeFits on Weight
Quick Tension Tail Clip - Group A  W'S Solution 148,152,156 & Dream Catcher Split 145,148,151,154 450GR. - 15.87OZ
Quick Tension Tail Clip - Group B Carbon Solution 158,161 & Solution 154,158,161 460GR. - 16.23OZ
Quick Tension Tail Clip - Group C Hovercraft Split 152,156 & Ultracraft Split 152,156 & Mind Expander Split 154,158 470GR. - 16.58OZ
Quick Tension Tail Clip - Group D Carbon Solution 164 & Solution 164 & Aviator Split 156,160 & Explorer Split 152,156,159,162 & Mountain Twin Split 157,160,161w 490GR. - 17.28OZ
Quick Tension Tail Clip - Group E Hovercraft Split 160, Ultracraft Split 160 510GR. - 17.99OZ
Quick Tension Tail Clip - Group F Carbon Solution 162W, Solution 162W,166, Aviator Split 164 530GR. - 18.70OZ
Quick Tension Tail Clip - Group G Carbon Solution 165W, Solution 159W,165W, Explorer Split 158W,161W,164W 550GR. - 19.40OZ
Quick Tension Tail Clip - Group H Solution169W 570GR. - 20.11OZ
Quick Tension Tail Clip - Group I Storm Chaser split 147,152,157 570GR. - 20.11OZ